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Patio Garden – Part 3 – Growing Along


Patio Garden Progress


With Summer about to begin, the patio garden is in full swing!  Picking the right plants, as I wrote about in Part 1, makes all the difference.  Who knew?  It doesn’t look like a lot in the photo, but I’ve got turnips, snow peas, sprouting broccoli, two mint plants, a basil, and a ton of greens and kale.  I actually am thinking that next year I might expand a little a grow a few more shade loving greens and veggies.

The biggest issue is watching the water levels.  I’m learning that I need to be careful to not overwater, so watching water levels is crucial.  Especially when it’s very hot out, the soil in pots can get hot and dry very quickly.

2014-06-18 17.42.29

In my first Patio Garden post, I mentioned getting some of these particular railing planters.  I got two of them and they are FANTASTIC.  They are plenty deep, and essentially have two deep wells on either side of the railing cavity.  I’ve used them to plant all of my greens and some kale.  They have a bit of a water reservoir at the bottom, and are remarkably secure.  The weight of the soil alone holds them quite solidly, so I would give these a strong recommend, for a railing like mine, they are a life saver.

I can’t wait to be able to go out onto my patio and grab some greens for dinner.  My herbs are pretty much ready to start cutting back, but everything else needs a little more time.

Now you might be wondering about my community garden plot that I mentioned in Part 2.  It’s growing, and so are the weeds!  Being my first experience with a real in-ground garden, it’s pretty overwhelming.  The plot is very large, and I’ve been doing a bit of traveling this spring, both for vacation and for work, so it’s been a little difficult to keep up on.  Besides time being an issue, there are the fun ‘what-not-to-do’ lessons I am learning as I go.  Like, it’s a great idea to mark what you plant so that you can tell what is what, especially, what is and is not a weed!

The picture below is from when I first planted the plot about 6 weeks ago.  Most of my tomatoes are doing very well, a handful of my potatoes and onions have come up, and my peppers look pretty good.  The rest might be a little hit or miss, but it’s a fantastic learning experience, and there is something very satisfying about working with my hands in the dirt.  Although three straight hours of weeding might be a little intense.  :)

All in all, I should end up with a decent amount of produce, even if it’s not what I initially hoped, and I know I will be far better equipped to plant and work a garden space in the future.

How is your garden growing?

2014-05-21 19.32.27

Lynell is a urban girl on a journey of healthy food, feeling great, patio gardening and living well. You will find her practicing yoga, painting, thrifting, cooking and baking gluten free goodies.

One thought on “Patio Garden – Part 3 – Growing Along

  1. I found your blog through a Container or Vertical Veg site, and have enjoyed reading it. I am growing in a community plot this season (in Misawa, Japan), and use high-yield, square-foot gardening. It raises eyebrows with the locals, who mostly seem to disapprove of my crazy “foreign” ways, but the lack of weed growth is undeniable – even to the 87-year old farmer who owns the land. You might find this a more productive way to grow “in ground”. In many ways, it’s more like container gardening, which is why it is so comfortable to me.

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